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It is one of the leading Nigerian Companies with notable presence in the West African Sub-region.

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Origin Holdings invests in the health of employees to improve productivity, reduce costs related to employee health, and optimize employee physical health and mental well-being. Our programs include an award winning HIV/AIDS training program and policy and programs to support employees who want to make positive lifestyle changes. In year past, we advanced these initiatives by completing a tuberculosis training program similar to our HIV/AIDS program, continued to roll out our cardiovascular program, and increased onsite health fairs and screenings. We launched a version of our HIV/AIDS training without Origin Holdings branding that can be shared with our supply chain partners and communities where we operate.

Origin Holdings is currently implementing a Fitness for Duty process, which confirms or identifies the circumstances under which employees are able to safely perform essential physical, psychological and cognitive requirements of their job without risk to self, others or the environment. In addition, we are continuing to implement our Occupational Hygiene process with the support of a corporate center of excellence, which is working to build technical capacity and is establishing networks to share successful practices and lessons learned.