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It is one of the leading Nigerian Companies with notable presence in the West African Sub-region.

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Origin Energy is a specialized Company which is into Electrical Engineering and Contracting and Marketing/ Sales of Electric Power and Distribution equipments. It is one of the leading Companies in Nigeria’s energy Industry.

Origin Energy also specializes in designing engineering Installation, Servicing building of a 3 new substation with the associated lines. The substations are from 60 mva to 90 mva and the associated lines of 330/132 double circuit lines. Origin Energy plans to buy into the existing Power distribution of the present Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc.

Our Commitment and Procurement of Power Distribution Equipment and other Electrical equipment of all kinds.

Origin Energy is a business established to advantage of the crises and adds value to Nigeria’s Electrical industry. The Company went into independent Power project; one of the most recent completed projects is the Lot 9 of the NIPP project. This was
The Company is committed to:

  • Delivering market-leading performance by identifying, developing and operating value-creating business across the energy distribution chains.

  • Delivering value to customers by developing and procuring competitive sources of energy and related products and services that better meet customer’s energy distribution needs.

  • Creating a rewarding workplace for employees by encouraging personal development, recognizing good performance, valuing teamwork and fostering equality of opportunity.

  • Respecting the rights and interests of the community in which we operate by working safely and being mindful of and attentive to the environment and social impact of the resources we use or provide for others.

Our Principles

  • We conduct ourselves and our business with due care and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

  • We have an overriding duty to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to minimize the health, safety and environment impact on our customers and the communities in which we operate.

  • We will add values to the resources that come under our controls.

  • The value we create will be distributed to stakeholders recognizing the need to ensure the sustainability of our business and its impact on the environment and the community where we operate.

  • We encourage diversity of ideas and opinions but require alignment with Company’s commitments, principles and values and the policies established to implement them.

Our Values

Origin Energy values describe behaviors that the company expects employees to demonstrate in their actions and decisions they make in pursuing the outcomes we are committed to achieving.

Our Values are:

  • Caring:
    We care about our impacts on our customers, colleagues, the community, environment and stakeholders.

  • Listening:
    We listen to the needs of others knowing that an unfulfilled need creates the best opportunity.

  • Learning:
    We constantly learn and implement new better ways, sharing information and ideas effectively.

  • Delivering
    We deliver on the communities made in all areas of performances.

Presently, the operation of Origin Energy is gathered around two divisions. The Sales Division which is involved in the Sales of distribution transformers, switchgears, panel boards and package substations. The Engineering and Contracting Division responsible for the design and execution of turnkey projects, including MV and HV substations, Cable pulling and industrial solutions

Origin Energy has various Technical Partners including but not limited to Matelec Limited, Elico of Jordan, Bharat Bijlee Limited of India, NUCON of India, Schneider and ABB.

They are all renowned producers of Distribution Transformer, Switch Gears, Package Substations and Control; and Protection System. Origin Energy Distribution Transformers are designed to provide installation and maintenance ease. All transformers are designed and tested for long life and minimum maintenance requirements.
Origin Energy also has its Contracting Division which is characterized by a light structure including committed managers capable of delivering the highest quality standard at the lowest cost. Origin Energy has successfully carried on and delivered a number of projects consisting of industrial solutions, LV and MV networks, cable pulling and VHV and HV substations.
The activities of the Company in this area are carried on a standalone basis or in venture with its renowned partners such as Matelec Limited, NUCON, ABB, SCHNEIDER, etc

Our Major Clients

  • Power holding company of Nigeria ( Services turbines, power generation, transmission and distribution)

  • Votal River Authorities of Ghana( power generation and marketing)

  • Electricity Company of Ghana