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Origin Holdings News
It is one of the leading Nigerian Companies with notable presence in the West African Sub-region.

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Origin Offshore Trading is also another arm of the Origin Holdings, it was incorporated in the United Kingdom. The firm basically buys and trades all petroleum products for Origin Holdings

It also deals with the procurement of equipment and tools for all Origin Holdings businesses goods and services, it deals with the Group Foreign trade and also Finance cargos for any of the Group transaction outside and within the Nigeria.



At Origin Offshore Trading we procure a broad range of refined petroleum products and crude oil throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and America. The products include Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS).


In line with our vision, we are the leading indigenous physical trader of petroleum products in Nigeria. We trade large volume of cargoes to major Oil marketers in the country as well as independent marketers.

The company's trading activities in this period of extremely volatile oil prices has made it necessary to develop a derivative position that provides services to customers who require pricing stability.

Origin Offshore Trading is a recognised leader in Oil trading, actively making market in the financial and physical products, with contracts ranging from spot to term.